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Many of us know the tremendous influence of a caring and loving grandmother. Cultures worldwide experience the profound effects of her kitchen, but there is something special about a Southern grandma! If you show up full, too bad you better be hungry. If you were hungry, you best be prepared to be stuffed. Either way, you were going to eat!

Christine was my grandma, and she taught me to love unconditionally. She was beyond her years in welcoming everyone into her home, especially her kitchen. Christine relished an excellent conversation and loved hearing stories about you!

I make a point to share her recipes, approach to food, and inviting spirit with our team. Eagerly, I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to honor her legacy.

When I first entered the old Hotel Albemarle, I knew immediately. This restaurant doesn’t necessarily represent her food, vibe, or anything specific. It does capture her soul’s essence…genuine, kind, and perfectly loving. The space is truly one of a kind, like her!

Christine’s Wood Fire is an elevated local eatery celebrating you, each other, and for any reason. She loved making everyone feel special, and while indeed a tall order, that is our aspiration for you with every visit.

Cheers Friend,

Christine’s Grandson


Christine’s Wood Fire

197 N 2nd St Albemarle NC 28001

Open Hours

Tue–Fri: 11AM – 2PM
Tue–Sat: 5PM – 9PM
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